Monday, March 3, 2008


Just a little quick note.
This might prove interesting to some of those intending to head down under for their big overseas experience.
Many moons ago[don't ask me how many-too many] I travelled to aussie intending to travel across the continent and then jump off from the western side to continue my travels and end up in the old country[England].
But as the saying go'es, THE PLANS OF BOTH MICE AND MEN OFT GO ASTRAY. I was intending to stay only 6mths, but ended up staying for six years.

What happened you ask, well I needed to boost my funds so I got a job, but it was no ordinary job.

I happened to be in Mackey, Nth Qld, and I went into the local job centre to see what was on offer, there were job's going just up the coast at Bowen picking tomato's, but when I got there the job's had dryed up due to the weather and the tomato's were rotting in the feilds , so I hightailed it back to Mackey as there was another oppertunity of a job there.

So I found myself walking onto the Mackey showgrounds and I asked the first person I came across if there was any jobs going and was directed to a large caravan and to ask for a bloke called Blue[he had red hair -hence the name].

Needless to say that was it, I ended staying for longer than intended and never made it to England.

What has this to do with someone heading downunder you may be thinking, well during my time working in sideshow alley at A&P shows & carnivals , I met alot of people that were on their O.E.s and decided to work their way around aussie.

The showgrounds allow you to do just that, just sign up as a fulltime worker or partime to allow you to do other things as well.

The lifestyle is laid back and we had a lot of fun and I consider it among the best years of my life.The work can be hard and the hours long but once you are accepted I found that it can be like a second family, so much so that my boss became my best freind and was my bestman at my wedding [ that's another story].

So I reccomend if you are looking for something different to do on your OE find out when and where a show is happening in the area you are going, walk onto the show grounds a couple of day's before the show starts, ask the first person you see and just see what happens, you may just enjoy it as much as me.


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