Sunday, February 24, 2008


If your like me and have trouble thinking of what to write, you have my commiserations. Unless you know a lot about a subject or are passionate about something[a hobby, sport, etc] it can be pretty hard.

So just ask yourself this, What to you makes good content?

It can be anything at all. It could be something your really good at or just a couple of paragraphs on an obscure subject that you think people might find interesting.

I read somewhere that the goal of good writing is to get someone to read your first sentence and once they have done that to get them to read the next one,etc, etc. Once you have caught their attention don't slacken off or they will slip away from you.

You can't expect to write good articles all the time, what you should try for is one or two good articles a month and use the rest as fillers. But you have to keep those fillers interesting enough so you don't lose your traffic.

Also remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you may write whjat you think is a killer of an article, but of the first 100 visitors to your site only 15 may agree with you, then of the next 100 60-70 might agree. So don't forget that as humans we are a fickle animal.

So throw those creative dice and see how they fall, if what you come up with dosen't work , just put your digits to work on the keyboard and try something else.

I remember reading a theory once about how if you had a whole lot of monkeys tapping away randomly at a keyboard long enough, one of them would come up with the complete works of shakespeare, so there is hope for us yet.


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