Wednesday, June 4, 2008


As you can probaly see this blog has no specific theme, I seem to ramble on about this and that every now and then. That is because I use this blog as a test site for idea's and sometimes to vent my spleen over some subject.

I have been trying to see what I can do without having to actually have to pay for something on the net, But I have decided to purchase my own site so I can expand, As my wife and I will be starting a website as a business and we want a bit more freedom of choice in what we can do,e.g. different pages-plugins-etc.

To acheive this end we applied for a creditcard the other week, but we were turned down. That I can't understand as we bring in a reasonable income each week and our out goings are not that great amount each week and they keep pushing their advertising down our throats.

So we have decided to go with plan B, A debit card,

This we will use online as well as have it as a seperate account and only have enough in there to cover small costs, but i'f we have to we can just deposit more funds- simple A.

I think I will keep this as a free site, just to play around with a few things , so if you are reading this and you have a pet peeve and want too here somebody elses veiws on it feel free to post a comment and I will do my best even if I have to research the subject if I feel I don't knbow enough.