Saturday, March 15, 2008


I recently received a message from someone about buddism and religeon and this is what I replied with,

I'm not anti religeon but I feel that religeon is but mans yearning to put a label on things that he/she cannot explain, as mankind abhors not to have an explanation for all things.It quite possibly started way back when man was still living in caves and a inquisitive youngster found out the power of the question WHY . And the adults got tired of the constant WHY and attributed everything they could'nt explain to a mysterious higher power.WHO KNOWS?:

Now I wrote that because time and time again people say that the bible is proof of gods existence, but I ask you this question-Who wrote the bible?- Answer--MAN.

And it was man who decided what was selected to be in the bible, so who's to say that it wasn't an ancient conjob that exploded in ways the perpetrator didn't imagine.

And as for the earlier religeons, who knows maybe it all started as I pointed out in my earlier statement.

The big question is WHO KNOWS? and really do we want to know. Mankind is happy to use religeon as a crutch and an excuse to kill albeit an excuse to exercise control over their fellow man.

But in saying all of this, I do know the power that faith can have for some people just to get through their day to day lives.But what gets up my nose is the people that abuse that faith to their own ends and the people that try to stuff their own version down your throut.When they try that on me I just ask them for proof and 100% of them say that the bible is the proof,so I ask them who wrote the bible and their only answer is MAN, so I ask you where is the proof that any religeon is true.


PS. Any comments or veiws are welcome.

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