Monday, May 26, 2008

CLEAN & GREEN [Yea Right]

Governments go on about the Kyoto Emissions protocol shcemes, but they don't seem to put their [OUR] money where their mouths are as they seem to be scared of either loosing their support from big companies with the almighty dollar, especially if they have a election looming & they think it could cost them their cushy job's.

These CARBON EMISSIONS SCHEMES that they have come up with that they say will cut emissions & benefit the average person are a load of CODSWALLOP. All it is going to acheive is it will drive up prices of every day items so far that people will have to go deeper into debt just to survive.

So I say to all governments ,PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR COLLECTIVE REARS and do something constructive that will be a definate benefit to mankind instead of worrying wether you have offended someone & worrying on how you will justify your cushy job.

One possible solution that springs to mind is a way to cut vehicle emissions, &one possible solution is to take a leaf out of history.Adolf hitler took a chance & he produced the VW BEETLE
& look how that turned out lasting up to now. So why can't government's either band togethor or go it alone & produce a cheap vehicle {most likely a hybrid} & run a scheme where as your car reahes a certain age they let you either swap your car for a new hybrid or trade in your old one with a discount on a new one or payment plan.

They would have to look at the possibility of operating at either a loss or just break even, either way they will have a win win situation.

But in the end it will never happen because they are too occupied with covering their own rears and trying to justify their own existance. Because without getting their name in the media often polititions seem to disappear into the wood work, and so they come up with ridiculous and unworkable laws just to exist.


Friday, May 2, 2008


PC-ISM or to use the correct term political correctness is what I call thje biggest load of codswallop that I have ever come across.

It is a term that actually means nothing, it is supposed to mean that you don't say or write something that is going to upset someone or a minority group. What I say to that is get hard because in this day and age there is no such thing as a minority as everyone is out for themselves.

I may sound cynical but just take some time and look around you especially if you live in a town or city. Everyone is looking for any way to get the advantage over every other person.

So what has happened to commen courtesy, is modern man so wrapped up in their own pathetic little world that they have to come up with these terms to either make themselves look important or justify their existence.

And as for politicions, 90% of them arn't worth the effort of even saying their names, because they just sit there in the debating chambers calling each other names when they should be discussing how to make the countries populations lives a lot easier and more full filling. what they also do is think up ridiculous new laws just to justify their exitence in government and to make it look like they are actually doing somework, when most of the time what they come up with 98% of the population say no to.