Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I decided to do a little bit of researh just to see how people tick.

What I decided to ask is the big question WHY do people blog?so if you don't mind just filling out my little survey, I will publish the results at the end of the survey and if you have anything else to add just leave a comment and I will mix it in with the polls findings.

Thanks very much, O.D.

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Jenny Ford said...

Well, Stuart, you have a comment now.

I blog to get the word out that we really must teach our kids about money and business.

You can see my blog at www.raisingentrepreneurs.org/blog, if you are at all interested in financial education and wealth-building in general.

Hang in there! A journey of a thousand miles may start with a single step, but that single step is followed by many, many more single steps ...