Friday, April 4, 2008


It is quite interesting to check your referal section of your counter statistics, as I have just checked mine and found that out of the last 10 hits, 5 have been direct hits off the search engines, but the last 5 come from a comment I posted in . A blog site owned by yaro starek.

So it just goes to show that if you want traffic to come to you , you have to go to them first , so people know that you exist at all.

Word of keyboard[ word of mouth] can also be effective as well, but for that to happen you have to have a following, no matter how big a following.You may only have 1 or 10 people who visit your site now and then, but if you post something of interest to someone and they let someone else know- I think the term is viral marketing- soon your traffic will see an increase.

As an exercise in word of keyboard lets try something,

Write a comment describing the most wackiest prank you pulled on one of your teachers at school and then tell two of your freinds to do the same and we will see how many hits occur in the next week. Leave your domain name or email so I can inform you of the results.

Have a go- THANKS .O.D.

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